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Group Reformer Pilates


€57 for 4 sessions
*valid 3 weeks
-- new clients only--

Countdown after 1st attendance, not on date of purchase

About Us

The "third space" is a social space that bridges the gap between the intimacy of the home(1st place) and the formality of the workplace(2nd place).  

Whether you're a seasoned Reformer Pilates enthusiast or a Reformer Pilates beginner looking to embark on a transformative journey, Third Space Pilates studio offers a welcoming space for all fitness levels. 

At Third Space Pilates, you will receive tailored guidance due to our small class sizes, allowing for a more focused and rewarding Reformer Pilates experience. Our Beginner Reformer classes are the perfect starting point for those new to Pilates, providing a solid foundation in the fundamental movements, proper breathing techniques, and maintaining a stable spine.

No matter your skill level, our Reformer classes are designed to enhance your core strength, endurance, and overall control.


We carefully select exercises that target mobility and stability through your core, while also promoting flexibility and suppleness throughout your body. To keep things exciting, we often incorporate resistance props to add variety to your workout routine.

By regularly attending our Reformer classes, you can expect improvements in your posture, core strength, and a healthier back. 

Join the community!


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