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Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes to start time and no later than 5 minutes past start time. Doors will lock 5 minutes past start time. If later than this, you will forfeit your class credit.

Cancellation Policy

We operate on a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel your class less than 24 hours to class time, you forfeit your class credit, and it's non-refundable. If you absolutely can't make it, please cancel so people on the waitlist get a chance. 

If you're on the waitlist, you will be auto-enrolled if a spot frees up, so only sign up for the waitlist if you are sure you'd like to attend. Cancelling the waitlist has no penalty. 


Socks must be worn at all times, grippy socks are preferred. Socks are important for hygiene and to help prevent slips and falls during exercises.


Part-used class packs or memberships are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

All class packs and memberships are non-shareable. 


Expired class packs and memberships are non-refundable. 


Please inform your instructor if you are recovering from any injuries, or have a medical condition or had medical surgery. It is important that we keep your workout within your limits or refer you elsewhere if we are not equipped to take you in. 

In specific cases, such as after medical procedures, including child birth, we will require a medical release form. 

Enjoy your hour

You have taken time from your busy life and spent your hard-earned money to come to a Reformer Pilates session. Make sure to let loose and enjoy your workout.

Bring a water bottle to keep hydrated and a small towel in case it gets sweaty.


Chat to people and find yourself an accountability buddy!

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