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We compiled some of the frequently asked questions with our responses to them to make it simpler for you ☟

What if I’ve never done Reformer Pilates before?

No Sweat! Well, you will sweat but no problem if you are a total beginner! We love introducing people to this amazing method of body conditioning. If you are a Pilates Virgin, consider yourself in good hands! Join our White Level class & our team will ease you into the basics while giving you an effective and challenging workout. You will get hooked as soon as you start and before you know it, you will become a seasoned practitioner taking all the classes we have to offer with confidence and poise. We are with you every step of the journey.

How often should I do Reformer Pilates?

It depends on the results you want to achieve and how quickly you would like to achieve them. The more often you work out, the quicker you see and feel improvement. We recommend clients do pilates 4 times a week. We are aware that for most people this can be challenging, so we will work with you to identify the ideal number of classes per week that will help you achieve your health goals. Most of our clients do Pilates 2-3 times per week. Once a week is beneficial, but results will be slower, unless you are also practicing at home.

I have a pre-existing injury. Is Pilates a good idea?

Pilates is excellent and safe for someone in physical therapy. It is a system of body conditioning that is both gentle and athletic, known for its “feel good” and body transforming results. All classes are customized to meet our clients’ needs, we take extra care to ensure that our student’s individual health goals and concerns are addressed. However, you must be cleared by your physio first and please let us know so we can modify the exercises accordingly.

My doctor /chiropractor /friend/PT told me to try Pilates to help with back pain.

In most cases, yes. However, back pain can have numerous causes, some of them very serious and any exercise could worsen pain. We require you to let your teacher know what is going on with your body. Serious back pain issues is often best handled in private sessions, at least initially.


Our group classes are focused more on fitness than rehab. Our teachers will make sure you work the core and emphasize stabilizing through the pelvic and shoulder girdles, which can fix a lot of aches and pains

Is Pilates weight training? Is it better than weight training?

Pilates apparatus uses springs that provide resistance. Pilates is not pure weight training, it also offers flexibility. The springs offer what’s called progressive resistance. That means that the further you stretch them, the harder you’re working. Springs provide flowing, effective stretching simultaneous to strengthening. Plus, it’s easier to take springs safely through multiple planes of motion. Try it out – you’ll be surprised at the results you can get, and how quickly you can see results. If you compare the Pilates apparatus to weight machines, you’ll work harder on the apparatus since you have to stabilize your body, just like you would in everyday life. Weight machines do all of the stabilizing for you.

Who can benefit from reformer pilates?

– People needing special consideration to injured and problem areas including back pain, scoliosis, shoulder issues, fibromyalgia etc

– The super fit: athletes, dancers, and martial artists

– Women who are pre and post-natal

– Anyone wanting to shape and define their body


In ten sessions you can feel the difference, in twenty you can see the difference, and in thirty sessions you have a whole new body. ~ Joseph Pilates

What should I wear to Reformer pilates?

Dress comfortably so that your movement is not restricted, but try not to wear clothing that is too loose fitting. It is important that the instructor be able to observe your body as you move. You will not need your shoes upon arrival, pilates exercises are done in socks, preferably wear special grippy socks.


We have some socks for sale at the studio, but your regular socks are fine as well, as long as they aren’t slippery.

Is there parking outside the studio?

There is limited street parking outside the studio, on Blackberry Lane. 


However, there's ample parking at St. Mary's Community Centre Public Car Park - Richmond Hill.

The parking rate at this parking lot is €2 per hour.

Can I bring my Friends/Family in using my pass?

No. All our passes are non-shareable. We only allow you to bring people in using your pass during Friends and Family week, like we did in December 2023.


However, you can refer friends and family and if they purchase a classpack and/or membership, both of you would get an extra class credit. If you refer 5 people and they get memberships, you can get a whole month on us :). The best way to create community is to invite like-minded people.

I want to get a membership but I don’t want the commitment

Our memberships are monthly, with a 3 month minimum commitment. We designed this around quarters of the year, to help our clients build a regular routine and better achieve their goals.


You can opt for class packs instead if it sits better with you, but you join a boutique fitness studio because you want accountability. If we can track your progress over 12 weeks +, we are better placed to achieve your goals. Moreover, memberships work out better financially and have some extra perks, like discounts on massages :)

What is your Cancellation policy?

CANCELLATION – We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for all sessions. If you do not cancel before the cancellation window, you will be charged for your session.


No exceptions will be granted.

What is the waitlist policy?

People on the waitlist are moved into class as spaces open up.


We assume that if you are on the list, you still want to attend. So if your plans change, please remove yourself from the waitlist.

Who do I reach out to if I have an issue or request/suggestion?

We are very receptive to feedback/requests and suggestions. Please send us an email at and we’ll usually respond within 24 hours.

What if my pass expires before I complete my credits?

All passes/memberships must be used up within the allocated time, unless we are closed during that period and unable to avail the sessions. No exceptions. Failure to use them in the allocated time will lead to losing the credits.


We plan for our sessions based on the knowledge that our clients will need them in that time-frame.

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