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Why can't I use my pass indefinitely?

Remember when you first started driving?

The nerves, the pre-calibration of the entire route, the recital of your observation of mirrors, signalling, gear changes; the stress sweats, not a pleasant time at all. But now you drive comfortably, we presume :). How did you get from learner to novice to pro?


If you drove once every month, you'd see little to no progress at all in your driving. This is true for your reformer pilates journey as well. This is why our passes are time-bound. You come to us with goals - whether that's to lose some weight, get more mobility and range of motion, get more flexible, gain muscle tone, prevent or recover from injury, play with your grandkids, you name it. Our commitment to you is that we will help you attain your defined goals.

In order to help you achieve your goals, it's a joint partnership. We ensure your workouts are tailored to your goals and build on with each visit, but we need you to keep coming so we can actually work on said goals. Regardless of the cadence, whether once, twice or three times a week, it simply needs to be consistent. Once each week will yield results faster than 4 times in one week then ghosting for 5 weeks after will.

So schedule your sessions in a consistent cadence that works for YOU, then commit. Just like you got that driver's license, let's smash your individual goals.

Invest in your health!!!

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