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The 12-week year!!!

We just celebrated Christmas and most of us are now planning for the new year! Let's set ourselves up for a productive 2024.

Have you heard of the 12-week year? I bet you work in quarters at your job or business, always planning for Q1, Q2 etc. This means businesses are able to break down their goals into bite-size chunks and achieve them faster because the timeline is simpler to plan for and hold stakeholders accountable. If you plan for 365 days vs for 12 weeks, you're more likely to procrastinate.

Given we produce stellar results for our jobs with this mentality, why not apply it where it matters most - our personal life goals?! Think about it - "I want to gain better range of motion in my hips by March" has more urgency and commitment than "I want to be more flexible in 2024".

We are primarily here to help you achieve your goals, which is why you come to a small boutique studio where we know your name, vs go to a large gym and free train. As such, we have adjusted our memberships to match the 12-week year, such that you only have to commit to one quarter at a time. This should better align with our modern lives.

For example, if I'm in Dublin until July, then traveling for the summer, and back in September, I can get the membership in Q1 & Q2, cancelling for Q3 to get a 10 pack for when I'm around, and getting a membership again in Q4 when here. This ensures I stay consistent, and also works out a lot better financially. Furthermore, if there's a spontaneous trip or life event during my membership, I can pause for up to two weeks.

As we make our vision boards this time of year, let's try this approach and take stock at the end of Q1. If you want better accountability, write your main Q1 goal on our white board when you come in this January!

Happy New Year 🥳

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Jan 17

Liking this so far, better target setting 😊


Dec 26, 2023

Excited to try this approach to goal setting. Will take stock at the end of March! Thank you for sharing this gem 🤗

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