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Reformer Pilates Bingo Challenge: Win Amazing Prizes and Elevate Your Fitness!

Get ready to take your Pilates practice to the next level with our exciting Pilates Bingo Challenge! This summer, we’re bringing a fun and engaging way to motivate you through your Pilates journey, complete with fantastic prizes that will make your efforts even more rewarding. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a newbie, this challenge is designed to inspire, challenge, and reward you.

How It Works

From now until 30th August, we invite all our members to participate in the Pilates Bingo Challenge. Participation cards are available in the studio, so make sure to grab yours during your next visit. The goal is simple: complete as many tasks as you can and mark them off on your bingo card. The more tasks you complete, the higher your chances of winning one of our fabulous prizes!

Exciting Prizes to Be Won

We’ve lined up some amazing prizes to reward your dedication and hard work:

  • 3-Month Membership (1 Visit per Week): Enjoy an extended period of consistent access to our Reformer Pilates classes, allowing you to continue your fitness journey with us once a week for three months.

  • Massage: Relax and rejuvenate with a professional massage, perfect for easing those worked muscles after your Reformer Pilates sessions.

  • Workshop Ticket: Gain exclusive access to one of our specialized workshops, where you can deepen your practice and learn new techniques.

  • Pair of Grippy Socks: Enhance your stability and performance in class with a stylish and functional pair of grippy socks.

Challenge Details

The Pilates Bingo Challenge is designed to be inclusive and fun, with tasks that encourage you to diversify your practice and engage with the community. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the tasks you might find on your card:

  • Attend a different class time

  • Attend a stretch class

  • Bring a friend to class

  • Try a new instructor's class

  • Post a photo of your practice on social media and tag us

  • Leave us a review

  • Hold a 60-second plank

How to Participate

  1. Pick Up Your Card: Visit the studio and collect your Pilates Bingo card from the front desk.

  2. Complete Tasks: Attend classes and complete the tasks listed on your card. Each completed task gets checked off.

  3. Submit Your Card: Once you’ve marked off as many tasks as you can, submit your card by the 30th of August.

Winner Announcement

The winners will be announced at our September Members Celebration. This special event will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your achievements, connect with fellow members, and enjoy some fun activities. Plus, it’s the perfect moment to receive your well-deserved prizes!

Tips for Success

  • Be Consistent: Regular attendance is key. Try to schedule your classes in advance to stay on track.

  • Explore: Don’t be afraid to try new classes or instructors. This challenge is a great way to discover different aspects of Pilates.

  • Stay Connected: Share your progress on social media and connect with fellow participants for extra motivation.

  • Have Fun: Remember, the goal is to enjoy the process and enhance your Pilates experience.

Join the Fun Today!

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to win amazing prizes and take your Pilates practice to new heights. Pick up your Pilates Bingo card at the studio, start checking off those tasks, and get ready to celebrate your progress with us in September. We can’t wait to see you in the studio and watch you shine!

Let’s make this summer unforgettable with the Pilates Bingo Challenge!

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